Entry #2

New song

2008-07-07 14:33:21 by Gilligan1111

This is my new song. Unfortunately, u cant rate it with a scale from 1-5 on the side as all other submissions allow. But at least i could get it on here. So tell me what u think on this post. The song's called "Groovin

Groovin' (aka Mixing some bass)>

This link will take u 2 a song on a completely different website where the song will be called 'Mixing some bass.' Push the button that has an arrow pointing right on it.

This link will take u 2 my site, www.gilligansworld.piczo.com. Feel free 2 check out my site while u r there as well.


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2008-08-19 00:08:37

umm i dont like going to diff links sorry


2008-08-19 00:11:49

it was ok